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16-17 years ago, I was introduced to the FIRST BLACK OWNED gym FRANCHISE in Houston, Phat Body Gym. John Mitchell is the owner and became my personal trainer and literally sculpted my body, with his creatively crazy workouts! YES…SCULPTED! At 25-26, you couldn’t tell me NOTHING about my body, and at 42, you still can’t. 😉 Of course I cussed and complained during the process, but I NEVER cheated on my workouts! 💯 I would tell people about joining the gym, because my favorite words were, “J will get you RIGHT!” 💯 He’s the ONLY man that could EVER have me eating tuna fish and grapefruit as a meal, running in parking lots on Sundays, running hills whenever he felt like it, and come to Bible Study on a Friday night! 😎 My mind, body, and spirit, have bounce back memory 17 years later, because of him. 🙏🏾  Well last night, he threw an AMAAAAZING party not only celebrating 21 years of being in business, which is a HUGE accomplishment, 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾, but he celebrated US…his clients, his trainers, his family! Phat Body isn’t just a gym to work out at, it’s a breeding ground for Spiritual maintenance, goal manifestations, and personal GROWTH! You can’t come to Phat Body and not GROW in ALL areas of your life! 💯 I can go on and on about the many many LIVES that John has impacted!  THANK YOU JOHN for EVERYTHING you’ve done, you still do, and will do! Looking forward to many more years of AMAZINGNESS from you, as you continue to inspire us to be BETTER! ❤️

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