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Omg what can I say about this man right here! I met John two years ago when I was searching for a trainer to push me to the next level. Not only did John push me beyond my limits, he successfully had me place higher in my competition and planted the seed for me to excel further in fitness. John has a pure heart of gold, always giving and pouring greatness into his circle. John I am beyond grateful for our friendship and your mentorship. You TOTALLY killed me during today's workout at MY gym, lol!!! But it was what I definitely…read more

Hey I was thinking about you today and the impact you've had on my health and life.  I am still not where I want to be, but oh so much healthier than I was when you met me all those years ago.  I appreciate your quiet truth and wisdom and I just wanted to thank you for everything.  I pray the Lord blesses and keeps you and all your endeavors!

2018 vs now! I can't believe this was me and this is me now. When I look at the 2018 pic all I see is pain. I did not care about myself at all... thank you @phat1989 and my accountability partners. I love yall! I'm learning so much as I progress. I'm teaching myself consistency, something I've always battled with. It's only up from here! I'm proud of me! John Mitchell I love you!!!

When I came to John I was in need of a big change. I’d let stress, fibroids and life get the best of me and didn’t feel like myself.  After 90 days of working out with him 3 days a week and eating delicious grass and cod (lol) I’m happy to share I lost 30 pounds. To put the imaginary icing on the vegan cake when I went to the doctor for a check up on my fibroids – they were gone!  I believe my lifestyle changes made a big difference in my miracle!  Super grateful for the support from…read more

16-17 years ago, I was introduced to the FIRST BLACK OWNED gym FRANCHISE in Houston, Phat Body Gym. John Mitchell is the owner and became my personal trainer and literally sculpted my body, with his creatively crazy workouts! YES...SCULPTED! At 25-26, you couldn’t tell me NOTHING about my body, and at 42, you still can’t. 😉 Of course I cussed and complained during the process, but I NEVER cheated on my workouts! 💯 I would tell people about joining the gym, because my favorite words were, “J will get you RIGHT!” 💯 He’s the ONLY man that could EVER have…read more



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